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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Book Review

I haven't done one of these before on my blog, but i thought it may be nice at the beginning of each month to do a review of a book i have read. It will be a chance to hear what you have been reading too!

For my birthday i was given Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
Hmm. Well. It's not something i would have bought myself. I think it is sacrilegious of Jane Austen's classic and my favourite novel. But as it was a gift from my kids (via my husband!) I gave it a go.

From curiousity to see how the death and zombies was interwoven with the society and propriety, it was rather amusing if nothing else. At times some parts didn't stay true to character, why would a battle hard woman simper and cry?, but otherwise it was done well.
If you are curious, or forced to read by obligation or don't want to hurt someones feelings, it is an amusing read, with some surprising twists to characters. But i still maintain it is sacrilegious of a major literary classic.


  1. Well huh.

    If that isn't thinking outside of the box I don't know what is...

    The mark of genius quite possibly? I just finished Diana Palmer's Tough to Tame.

  2. *hee* been wondering what it'd be like :)

  3. Hi,

    Yep, not my cup of tea at all.

    As for reading: I went browsing in our local second-hand book shop looking for old gems, and have just put down "Grapes of Paradise" (collection of short stories) by H.E.Bates - he of "Darling Buds of May" fame.

    I absolutely adore his descriptive passages, and he was such a diverse writer. I read "The Purple Plain" years ago, and although fiction it was based on his experiences as a Sqd Leader in the RAF and time served in the Far East fighting the Japanese. His writing literally brought the jungle alive, to such and extent that one began to sweat and sense the fear of a downed pilot evading Japanese troops whilst trying to get back to British or US lines. It was a stunning read! An I'd recommend him as good reading to anyone aspiring to become a published author.


  4. it definately was hard going!
    thanks for that Francine!

  5. I've also wondered about these books! thanks for sharing!