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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Halfway lag

Oh dear! I have found myself lacking motivation to even open my pages document to write!
I have finished editing Nicole's fabulous story Birthright and man is it good! I really can't wait to read the next installment.

To get me back into the motivational vent of Modern Heat i have the newest book by Nicola Marsh , Overtime in the Boss's Bed and i really can't wait to read this one. Nicola's books are so great to read. spunky and fun and they just sizzle!

I'm also going to start Kate Walker's 12 Point Guide to Romance
and keep you updated with my progress through the exercises so stay tuned :)


  1. Write woman, write! What? I'm not helping?

    Kate and Nic are both great. I think you'll really like the 12 Point Guide, that'll get you back into it :)

  2. Awww thanks K. I think a break is a great idea! I'm planning a 3 week break at the end of this re-write, so I can see it with fresh eyes :)

  3. yes Nic a break is a great way to gain perspective!!
    Thanks Lacey, i know as soon as i open the document i will be away!

  4. I have the Nicola Marsh book in my tbr pile.


  5. Overtime looks wonderful. Nice departure from your last one....


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