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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Synopsis of Secrets and Lies

When Gabrielle Devine returns to her home village in Nortia she never expected to find the man she loves so set against her. She is shocked to discover his evil brother has a high position in the village, a position she well knows he has lied to get and continues to deceive those closest to him. After informing Wayne Langtree and his father that Chase Alton is behind the treachery scouring the country she leaves with questions of her absence and secrets burning in the mind of Wayne; the biggest is why she left him suddenly years ago a week before their wedding and why is his own father siding with her? Gabrielle frees a herd of wild horses, fights with and is injured by a scarred man and when she returns to Nortia she is accompanied by a man she seems to be very close to. Wayne discovers Gabrielle has a daughter and he is certain of her betrayal, but who is the father? When Wayne’s father is killed and Wayne is injured and nearly killed by his brother he starts to see the truth to Gabrielle’s words and she in turn has the opportunity to reveal to him the truth. Chase claims her daughter as his but is the dark haired stranger the father? Is their love enough to conquer the past and all its secrets and lies?

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