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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Points of View

Which character do you find the easiest to write?
Is it from the perspective of the leading lady, or the hero?

It occurred to me this morning, that i seem to find the hero's perspective easier to write from.
Could it be because their feelings and conflicts, aren't simple, but less complicated than a woman's?

Or it could be, i'm remembering a conversation i had with a friend and fellow writer, that we know, as women, what we want in our ideal hero, and it's easier to write him based on that? Throwing him roadblocks and watching how he deals with them, in the way we would want our ideal hero to cope and overcome any obstacles.

I've also found it easier, when first constructing my character's conflicts, to construct the hero.
The female always ends up being too complicated or her conflict unclear and murky.
I hadn't even figured out what Billie's true conflict was until i'd completed the first draft! And that was even after character interviews and countless pages on figuring out personality and background.

So, whose point of view do you find it easier to write from?


  1. First person....and my heroine. Granted...a lot of my heroines, especially my current MS, are the men in their relationships. The hero is pretty easy to write from, at least in the current MS. The heroines though seem to connect with me better. I have no idea why. But the men are only slightly harder, if a voice is vivid enough, I can write for it, easy. It's those pesky voices who still need mulling out who are pests...and currently those are boys.

    This was fun to think about though! :) Thanks for posing the question.

  2. Isn't it funny how we all have different styles and relate to different characters and situations!
    I think it's good that if we share these things it give other writers another way to view things.