Here i will share my journey of hopefully one day recognising my dream of becoming published writing what i love to read; Romance!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Inspiration overload

I'm talking about too many ideas for stories and starting too many of them!
I should be studying, or reading my new readings for my Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma.

But what have i done this month? I've started THREE new stories!
One is a single title idea i've had for a very long time, with lots of notes and scene snippets stuffed into a folder.
Two are category romances. One is my first ever idea for HM&B that got abandoned when i had a scene for Billie and Cooper flash in my head; the other is a brand spanking new idea about best friends, with one in love with the other!

Oh dear.
Now, as i've promised my husband (and myself) that i will focus entirely on my studies this year, i am going to try for a reward system.
For every day that i do one or two readings and the requirements for my online discussions for the course, and do a bit of exercise (My new years resolution is to lose weight!), i get to sit down and write whichever of the stories demands the most at that time - which inevitably will be the evening.

Yesterday this worked. I went for a run while the kids rode their bikes beside me to the park and home. I did two readings in the afternoon. I even managed to sweep under the couches and finally take a few boxes out to the garage, thereby de-cluttering our house but cluttering the garage.
After some t.v time with husband, at 10pm i turned on my laptop, snuggled under my duvet and typed away until 11:30pm.
I felt so good!

So today, my plan is much the same: clean those amenities, do two readings and walk with the kids to the park - legs are sore from run yesterday!
Then tonight, hopefully i will get out the laptop again and enter fiction world!

The only thing that is missing: Reading for pleasure! I'm going to have to try to find time for that, because that is my downtime. Any ideas where i could fit that in, without compromising my writing time?


  1. I dunno, but this is an interesting dilemma you have here! I hope your plan works pretty well. Maybe you could try say...listening to audiobooks while you're running? Not if the kids are there, of course, but still it's an idea.

  2. thanks BET i hadn't thought of audio books, but then that's because i love to snuggle on the couch with soft pillows :)

  3. books on tape in the car. I put them on my iPod and listened to them during my drives. The local library had a ton of audio books which I could rip to digital easily.

  4. ...another nice thing about them being digital audio books, is you can listen to them around the house too...