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Friday, April 9, 2010

5-5-5 Tag and an Award!

First off, i'd like to thank Suzanne Jones for nominating for the Beautiful Blogger Award (see the award on the side bar!) thanks for much Suzanne! It's nice to know my ramblings brighten someone's day or make someone laugh or cringe or whatever!!

Maisey Yates posted a tag on her blog and tagged the first five readers for a fun quiz.
Here are my answers to break the flow - which is going great! - in my writing.
The deal is to answer five questions with five answers to it, so here goes:

Question 1. Where were you five years ago?
1. Newly Married
2. About 2 months pregnant with first baby. Honeymoon baby.
3. Working at IRD. NZ tax department call centre
4. two months away from my 23rd birthday.
5. not writing, just dreaming about it.

Question 2. What is (was) on your to do list?
1. make the bed for mum to come for the weekend
2. clean the floors.
3. get kids and self dressed
4. take kids to the shops and some holiday entertainment
5. write about 500 words.

Question 3. What 5 snacks do you enjoy?
1. chocolate
2. chips
3. balsamic rice crackers
4. cheesecake
5. ice cream

Question 4. What five places have you lived?
1. Rotorua, NZ (when under 5)
2. Lower Hutt, Wellington, NZ
3. Hamilton East, Hamilton, NZ
4. Pukete, Hamilton, NZ
5. Chartwell, Hamilton, NZ

Question 5. What 5 things would you do if you were a billionaire?
1. Own a bookstore chain
2. Give anonymous charitable donations to animal and childrens charities
3. Travel
4. Write all day
5. Spend time with my kids
these are pretty boring but i don't really know what i'd do! probably really go shopping first and buy everything i've ever wanted but don't really need and then get sick of it, but could you ever really?? Don't think i'd get sick of writing or spending time with my kids, they grow way too quickly and the things they come up with...

5 bloggers i'm tagging (you don't have to!):

I also nominate you lovely ladies for the Beautiful Blogger Award too! I enjoy reading your blogs and following your writing journeys whether you are established or learning just like me!


  1. So sweet of you to tag me for the award Kerrin :) Its nice fun reading your 5-5-5 ;)

    But am afraid my Q4 may not have 5 answers in it ;) I haven't lived per say in 5 different places, but only 3..but visited - surely above 5.. so, I'll tweak that a bit and answer over the weekend in my blog.

    Thanks so much :)

  2. Kerrin, thanks so much for the blog award! The tag thing sounds like fun! I'll post it next week! On your question 3 above, I couldn't help thinking 'which one here does not belong?' Balsamic Rice Crackers?? Seriously? Apart from that, I think we have the same tastes :).

  3. Hi,

    Hee hee, couldn't refuse your second blogger award, see answers!!

    I would have felt such a toad to have refused for a second time, but you know "cakes" on screen would be awaful tempting!

    Hope you got in some writing over the Easter Hols.


  4. You're very welcome, Kerrin. And great answers to the 5-5-5 tag.


  5. Great answers, Kerrin! Hey, are you a member of the RWNZ? And are you coming to conference? If not, you should! ;-)

  6. oooh I love those balsamic vinegar rice chips too! Go really well with the Lindt Chilli chocolate *grin* mmmmm

  7. balsamic rice crackers and hummus are delicious Kaily! Especially for those days when i am trying to be good and not eat chocolate :)

    Jackie i'm not a member or RWNZ yet but i plan to be very soon and i so want to go to conference, mentioned it to husband today so am going to look more into it so i can give him more info. I really REALLY want to go!