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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Does anyone know what it's really like to be alone?
I lie here in the dark, the only salvation from the harsh light
that pierces my eyes and burns my head.
Do they realise how horrible it is to lie here
and hear them laughing, having fun?
I miss that time, am missing out on so much
all because of these headaches.
For three weeks i've been in the dark
i can't wait for it to end, to be able to last the day.
How did this happen to me? Why me?
I hope some day soon i wake up to a bright day.
I don't like being alone with this pain
sitting or lying in the dark so get some relief.
I'm alone in this pain, i'm not faking it
Why would i fake it when i'm missing out on so much?
Pain, go away and let me see the light.

Kerrin Hearfield

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