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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Early morning inspiration

Does anyone else wake up in the early hours - say 1.30am? - and have many great ideas for stories and even being able to piece together great conversations that some fictional characters may have?

I've found - because i'm awake due to headaches urgh! - that that time is the best for creativity.

But be warned. Such creativity is not conducive for a good sleep afterwards - it wakes up the brain!

It must have something to do with the brain waves theory Rob Parnell discussed on his website It all makes so much sense.

But why can't i have these inspiring thoughts when i want them to happen, that is when i'm at the computer with about an hour up my sleeve while the kids are asleep or at kindy? It would make things so much simpler, but i guess that is Murphy's Law isn't it!

My advice though, if you ever do, or possibly may someday, wake up VERY early in the morning: have a notebook and pen handy because the creativity at that half awake half asleep hour is brilliant.

Hope this helps


  1. That's when I can recall my dreams - some good with definate story potential - others crazy and totally out there (teaching an elephant how to play pick-up-sticks and consoling him when he lost...?)

  2. that is pretty random, though interesting!!