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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fancy an Indian feast?

Nicola Marsh is going a Bolly-Bites blog tour, where she will give out fantastic recipes for the Indian dishes featuring in her new book Busted in Bollywood!
She's given her first recipe on her blog today, a Lentil Soup and man i can just smell the aroma....

Nicola will be dropping by here early December for give us another recipe, but check out her blog to find all the Bolly-Bites (recipes!) as she does her blog tour!


  1. I was tossing up whether to go sweet or savory here, I've made my decision!

    Stay tuned...

  2. Oh i can't wait!! Yum! Didn't make the soup last night, am saving it for tomorrow as it's quick and easy and my hubby and i have soccer!