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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Writing Tips: Climatic scene mirroring the Opening scene?

Nicola Marsh went to the Romance Writers of Australia Conference and she has shared some of the things she learnt or heard.
During her blog post on writing style, ie, linear or scene writer, she gave this little gem:

In Bob Mayer's "POV & VOICE" session, he mentioned this:

"don't worry about the opening scene. Write the book. The climactic scene should mirror the opening scene therefore you can come back and write/rewrite the opening scene."

What do you think of that? Have you written the closing scene of any of your stories that mirrors the opening? 

I guess it's a way of showing closure, or that the characters have gone through a change from the beginning to that final scene. 
It is intriguing and i kind of like it! May have to try this for my Princess story as i can see a great conversation for that one ;)


  1. Hey Kerrin,

    Sounds good to me... I have actually just read a blog post on this topic by the awesome Aimee.

    have a look!

    hope all is going well with you.

    are you joining the crusade this year?

    She changed the name to Campaign. Sign ups close in a week.



  2. lol, just seen her post on your blog roll so you might have seen it..opps

  3. Hey Kerrin. Yep are you joining the campaign or are you already a member? I'm a lifetime member ha ha.

    I totally agree with Bob Mayer. The opening scene will be much more fully informed after you finish the book. Bit like the short story - beginning and ending should reflect each other. That said, I'm having trouble writing, re-writing the opening scenes of both my novels, erk!


  4. Dean Koontz wrote that the opening scene and the closing scene should be like bookends. You hit the prose nail on the head, Roland

  5. You know what...I never realized it, but I think I've heard that before. How strange that I didn't think of it until now!
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