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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Book Review: Gaelen Foley

I have just finished the last book in Gaelen Foley's Knight Miscellany series, and it is fantastic! Set in the Regency period these seven stories are by no means the run of the mill Regency stories! Each one is so different. 
Each has such an interesting plot and delightful characters i couldn't put any of the books down until they were finished!

Check out Gaelen's website for more information, and you MUST read this series if you love Regency novels! 

On her website she ask:

Who's your favourite Knight Brother?

Is it the mysterious and coolly controlled head of the clan, Robert, the Duke of Hawkscliffe from 
The Duke? Or one of the irresistible twins—sly and sexy Lucien, the ex-spy in the Lord of Fire, or deadly Damien, the soldier from Lord of Ice?

Their spunky sister Jacinda Knight brings another bad boy into the family in Lady of Desire, while her best friend, lady’s companion, and honorary Knight “sister” is a bookish bluestocking hotly pursued by a decadent, aristocratic adventurer in Devil Takes a Bride

Rakehell Alec lives on the edge in One Knight of Sin, while wild Jack, the black sheep of the family, is running guns for South America freedom fighters in His Wicked Kiss.
I cannot chose my favourite - i love them all!

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