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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Writing Tip: Write a little every day

Yep, even a sentence. That way you are getting some words down, practicing your craft every day.
If you are a serious writer - and i bet you are! - writing something every day will help you develop better as a writer, not to mention getting your word count up, however slowly it may be!

Do you write a little every day?


  1. *sigh* I'm working on it!! But yes I aim for at least a sentence a day ;p

  2. me to Nic, me too! If i get to my ms's every day i aim for at least a new sentence or two!

  3. I write everyday. Again even if it is only a sentence. But I try to write for at least half an hour each morning. And if I am lucky nother half hour to hour in the evening. Of course I have to be very Lucky.

  4. At the moment I am mostly just revising at least a sentence a day :P

  5. Hi Kerrin. Yes I certainly try to write every day. Sometimes it's just blogging but that is still legit. to me. All good...


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