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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Here Comes the Bride

My daughter is fascinated with Weddings at the moment, and of course Princesses.
This morning we watched my wedding dvd and oh! the memories :)
Then of course we had to pull out dress and have a try on - it's too big, but nothing a little altering couldn't fix! I plan on wearing it for my 30th. I'm going to have a theme party.

My dress is made in empire style, much the same as the dresses in Pride and Prejudice.
Our wedding was 6 years ago, and very casual. We got married in my parents backyard, with all our friends taking photos in lieu of a photographer. It was lovely!
Listening to our vows (which we wrote ourselves!) was wonderful and funny. We have changed so much but are still very much in love.
I really do have my Happily Ever After - of course with all the bumps and bruises and kisses that go along with it!

My daughter has a dress up wedding dress, i have no idea where my mother in law got it from - it's too short to fit her tall frame!

What do you remember about your wedding?


  1. she is starting to look like to also.

    Yes, I sure do. We had a moonlit night. It was a full moon and the ceremony was candle lit with a harpist.

  2. I remember my husband's family kicking off their shoes and forming a line dance. 0_0 Most of them I'd met only an hour before...we had a total blast!

  3. That's such a cute pic of your daughter :)

  4. SH - how lovely!
    Raquel - thats a great way to meet family!
    Trisha - my kids are very posable, and not shy for a camera. I think they are gorgeous ;p