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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When one door closes....AND Merry Christmas!

... a window opens creating a hurricane of ideas!!.
Why, after having finished and submitted my story, do i have a sudden very visual scene spring into my head?
I already have about fifty other ideas, clamouring for attention and to be written - and i'm not even supposed to be writing next year!
I'm starting my early childhood degree and my husband has requested i focus entirely on that and not writing. Well, ahem, you can't stop the writer within!

So, my goal over the week i am away for Christmas is to sort through my TBW (to be written lol!) pile and get started on the most pressing. Because let's face it, i AM a writer and i will always have another story to write, pottering away in the background until it is finished. Who says i can't do two things at once???

What are you doing over the Christmas break? Are you waiting to hear on a sub? Or are you starting a brand new story?
Have a merry Christmas.



  1. plus, when you write, you get to enjoy a story customized to your own likes, which is enjoyable in and of itself.


    happy vacationing...

    BTW, my sister is doing her CPA, a single parent to four boys, and is planning a wedding, all while working full time +. No reason you can not do more then one thing at a time.

  2. Oh you can definitely study and write at the same time Kerrin, it just takes a little bit longer to squeeze that manuscript out :)

  3. Go for it, Kerrin! Good luck with your SYTYCW sub and have a lovely Christmas. I'm a bit like you, having to decide just which idea I'm actually going to write more of. No idea as yet...:-)

  4. Belated Merry Christmas, Kerrin. And wishing you good things with the studying and the writing.