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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Length confusion, and another tip!

That is, the length of the double spaced synopsis - get your mind out of the gutter! ;)

So usually synopsis' are accepted at 2 double spaced pages, but i've been informed (okay, so i doubt you just a little Lacey!) that up to 5 double spaced pages are allowed for the SYTYCW final challenge.

I've just posted a question about it on the reminder blog post, but if anyone else can confirm it that would be great!

Okay, a tip: From Writers

Here are 10 keys to creating a successful synopsis.
1.  Do keep in mind that this is a sales pitch. Make it a short, fast and exciting read.
2.  Do establish a hook at the beginning of the synopsis. Introduce your lead character and set up a key conflict.
3.  Do remember to always introduce your most important character first.
4.  Do provide details about each of your central characters (age, gender, marital status, profession, etc.), but don’t do this for every character—only the primary ones.
5.  Do include the characters’ motivations and emotions.
6.  Do highlight pivotal plot points.
7.  Do reveal your novel’s ending.
8.  Don’t go into detail about what happens; just tell the reader what happens as concisely as you can.

9. Don't inject long section of dialogue.

10. Do write in the third person, present tense, even if your novel is written in a different point of view.


  1. LOL Kerrin! I was quoting Harlequin moderator Dee who suggested that the 5-7 pages (referred to in the original challenge wording on the Harlequin blog as being the ideal length for a synopsis) would be a double spaced document. In the past two single spaced synopsis pages have been the norm. It makes sense to me but an official confirmation would be lovely. I can't see your question post. Do you still have the link?

  2. Ah ha! Never mind I have found it now :)

  3. see i thought it was two double spaced that were the norm! You know, they need the extra spacing cos their eyes are bad ;)
    But yes it does make sense, i just didn't see it in the original post...
    Thanks for helping!

  4. LOL! Who knows? It seems to be based on preference. Some editors like it done one way, others like it another. Hopefully your question will get a reply :) I'll harass Jackie.

  5. Jackie's doing the two page single spaced synopsis because that's the requirement for the London offices. Are you targeting Modern Heat? Maybe use that format if you don't get an answer?