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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love and Heroes

Seeing as February contains the traditional day of romance and love, Nicola Marsh, is hosting a special event on her blog featuring authors from Mills and Boon and the Heroes that inspired their stories.
You may even go in the draw to win copies of their awesome books!

Who are your favourite heroes?

My all time literary favourite is Mr Darcy. There are not enough words to write...who am i kidding, there is not enough SPACE to write about him. I loved his transformation from stuffy arrogant man to being brought to his knees by love but still proud of who he is. sigh.
And Julie Garwood's magical highlanders in Saving Grace, Ransom, The Secret, and Honour's Splendor.
I dream of being able to write such magical heroes and settings....


  1. Hi,

    Mr Darcy, yes, but only when starring Colin Firth.

    Rochester, ooooh so ripe for getting dirty with and shaking the ground from beneath his feet. Trouble is, I never thought Jane had it in her to do that to him, hee hee. But then, the quiet ones are often worse than a boiling kettle. ;)

    To be honest I quite like a bit of a cad who comes right in the end, when love finally knocks him a sideways blow to the heart.



  2. ... I like Rick from the movie The Mummy *lol*


  3. yes Francine, i forgot to mention that - only Colin!
    Nic, yes there is just something about Brendon Fraser that is so hot!

  4. Favorite heroes? Hmmm...tough question, and a good topic!! I love Darcy, of course, though I do love the new Pride and Prejudice. Love the part where he touches Elizabeth's hand and as he walked away he flexes it like he's burned by her touch...*le sigh*

    I love the movie Bend it Like Beckham, love Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Joe. And The Mark of the Lion trilogy are some of my favorite books, and I love Marcus. And when I get into my fave category heroes...I'd be here all night. So I'm done now. :-)