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Monday, February 8, 2010

Creative outlet

One reason i haven't been pounding the keyboard and getting that word count up is my other creative outlet.
I make cards. Recently i started a project of mini photo albums for the grandparents. They were supposed to be for Christmas but they have taken so long, i decided they are just a 'because' thing!
They are mini scrapbooks and have 18 pages each. Photos on each side, so they took forever!

They have turned out remarkably well!
The photos don't do them justice. The time it has taken is well worth it - the kids are worth it and i know the grandparents will appreciate the albums! Of course i made an extra one for myself.

Now that they are completed, i can pack away my craft stuff and shift to the new house and then get dedicated to the word count ;)


  1. The cards look absolutely delightful, and how soon is the move?

    Once you're out of boxes and have everything pretty much shipshape I'm sure your literary buzz will take precedence.

    Happy days!

  2. This is all the accordian book. but yes i'm hoping the literary buzz will thrive in the new office nook! the move is tomorrow!!!

  3. Hi Kerrin,

    As another Kiwi, just wanted to drop by and say 'hello' :) I'm in Hamilton too so its exciting to know that another writer is lurking somewhere close by. (My two CPs are Aussies) Good luck with your journey


  4. Hi Rach, thanks for dropping by! Perhaps you could leave some details and we could get in contact? kerrinhearfield AT hotmail DOT com if you want!

  5. E-mail sent Kerrin. Hope you got it :)