Here i will share my journey of hopefully one day recognising my dream of becoming published writing what i love to read; Romance!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A reason for the lack...

Well thought i would share the good news behind the lack of the word count.
We are on our way to joining the ranks of home ownership!

On Monday late afternoon we put in an offer which was negotiated and then accepted - we now have to wait for all conditions to be accepted and then we move in on 10 Feb!
This is really fast and just in time as we have to be out of our current place by Feb 12th. So the house is covered in boxes and we are furiously packing the cleaning, so alas no word count.
I hope to have this creeping steadily upwards from 23rd Feb onwards.
Billie and Cooper WILL get their HEA, just like we are!


  1. Good luck with the move, and label that "special box" with the title of your proposed book. It'll keep your subconscious focused!!

    I don't envy you packing up!

  2. Yay Kerrin, Congrats on the house :) Pass the cyber-bubbly for housewarming..

  3. thanks guys! It's so exciting!!

  4. found a site you might like, am having a read of it at the moment :)

    - Nic

  5. That's fantastic news! Better put your super speedy packing boots on :)

  6. I've had lots of help Lacey, so don't need to be too speedy :)
    Thanks Nicole!

  7. Great news - congratulations and hope the move's as stress-free as possible.