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Friday, January 15, 2010

Lack of Word Count

Man, it is already the end of the second week of the new year and so far no word count! So much for my goals for 2010:

Ten Nights Only will be finished by March 31. and submitted through normal lines.

Logan's Angel will be finished by June 30. and submitted through normal lines

Secrets and Lies will be reworked and edited and finished by December 31st

Or course i had thought i had another goal there too, an as yet untitled Princess story that has been burning in my brain for ages too, so i'll add that now:

Untitled Princess story written and edited by December 31st.

In light of my lack of word count so far, so early into the new year maybe i shouldn't have so many goals afterall. But surely once our housing dramas are over with and hopefully my health improves (snorts!) i can get underway. I will just knuckle down regardless. Will have to pull out the husbands work laptop and pound out the word count every spare minute i have. I really, really want to succeed and only way i will achieve this is to put in the hard work.

After all:
No pain, no gain.


  1. Without a 'goal/s' you'd have nothing to aim for!

    There's nothing like deadlines to kick inertia into touch.

    Chin up and put on your kicking boots.

  2. Thanks Francine - will do!

  3. Hey, great you have got the word count meter in your blog :)

    Even I was feeling lost without it and seeing myself making progress - wow, that's awesome !

    I have a bit of extra motivation to write, update the meter and write :) Nice isn't it?

    Anything to get those ideas on paper, er..word document.