Here i will share my journey of hopefully one day recognising my dream of becoming published writing what i love to read; Romance!

Monday, November 9, 2009


It occured to me this morning that this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach is guilt.
I've worked really hard the past three months on the idea and then polishing and editing the best chapter i possibly could write for the Harlequin competition and what have i done since hitting the send button?
No writing at all.
I've read a few books. Totally immersed myself preparations for my son's birthday party this weekend and gearing myself up for christmas and myriad crafts and projects i want to finish before December 31st.
But no writing.
And i feel guilty.
If i want to be a writer, a real writer, i should be writing every day.
But i think i owe it to myself, my health and my family to give the rest of the year to them and other things. I will start the new year with writing. Most probably going back to my baby anf first novel Secrets and Lies and doing the major re-work it needs.
Obviously if things come out of the competition then i will work on that.
Really i shouldn't feel guilty. I have other things to do, that must be done.
Do other writers feel this way, or do they just keep writing. Do they ever take a little sabbatical, a mini break to re-charge?


  1. Kerrin, guilt is just one of those things that real writers have to live with! Lol. At least I do. But hey, you've nothing to be guilty about. You've entered that comp and there'll be heaps of people out there who won't have.

  2. Thanks Jackie! It was a huge step to hit that send button, let alone write that chapter.
    Good luck with your NaNo. It sounds very complicated or rather involved. Much more than i am prepared at present - i would love to but have way too many other things on the go! lol.