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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Essence of a Hero

After watching New Moon last night and seeing the contrast between Edward and Jacob, (and I’m not talking about the physicality’s though they are startling!) it brought to mind the thought of what makes the ideal hero.

Looks aside, what is it that draws the heroine in?

In Edwards case I think it is raw magnetism. Here he has the girl he wants, loves, craves, but knows that if he gives in it will be fatal so he always maintains a facet of control. He has that whole aura of sophistication and polish, wealth and distance. Most is from his experience and amount of time he has been ‘alive’. Control comes from his want of not wanting to hurt his love.

Is this the kind of hero you like? The one who so obviously loves his heroine and will do anything for her, even leave her to keep her safe, knowing he can’t truly have her or he may hurt her?

In Jacob's case, he loves Bella, pure and simple. But she loves Edward. And he knows it. But he is persistent. Constant and strong. He is willing to wait for her. For give her time to adjust to her pain and his constant presence, his love, protection. Even though he must know she will never love him as much in return.

Is this the kind of hero you love? The one who will try against all odds, even when the odds are stacked totally against him and you are just wanting him to win, even as you are know he won’t?

I know I was torn during the movie, and it sure would have been a hard story to write. Two very strong male’s vying for the heroine’s heart, but really there was no competition was there.

But, if you had to choose, who would it be?

Many author's talk about Alpha Males. Maisy Yates has an interesting quote on her blog today about it so check it out.


  1. I simply cannot separate the visual of Edward and Jacob enough to be objective...egad. Reading the book though, as much as I knew Bella should be with Edward, there's something very appealing about how persistent Jacob was. You nailed it, he just loves her. There's none of the wisdom that Edward has, it's just that he loves her so much he can't imagine being happy without her, so it must be the same for her.

    There is something appealing there! In two different books, either one would have worked for me.

  2. Yes it is interesting isn't it. An age old question arises - do you choice the safe love that is constant - Jacob, or that one with the potential to burn even if it is brighter? - Edward.

  3. I'm personally still on the fence. Ideally I'd like to combine the two - Edwards magnetism, control, strength and Jacobs body, dark looks, physical strength.