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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Second Thoughts

Just recently i've been having second thoughts about my first chapter for the harlequin competition. I have begun to feel i am not starting in the right place, and perhaps the right place is in fact to start in the middle when my hero comes back into my heroines life and makes his demands. This will make him more alpha and also the story, i think, will be more compelling to read making the reader want to keep reading to find out what has happened to get them here, and whatever is going to happen next?!
To get through this confusing little thought i am just going to have to write this new beginning and then compare their individual merits and see which has the better hook to draw the reader - and the judges! - into wanting more and to find out why.
I'm sure writers have this problem all the time, and once this is done and depending if the second thought is going to be the better option - which i think it must be - i'll then have to use all my energy into weaving the backstory in through the conversation of the H&h and hopefully it won't sound too boring or awkward.
Well, nothing like a new challenge, on top of an existing challenge that it!

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