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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hot Affair

I have written the draft of my submitting chapter of the story i have tentatively titled Her Hot Affair. Man it's HOT! I just want to jump into the pages and ogle the gorgeous piece of man flesh along with my heroine!
Giving it to a few friends to read has been great. They have all asked for more - which is making me get stuck in and continue with the story.

One really switched on friend - thanks Karina! - has been the best help with telling me what works for her and what doesn't. It has helped me pin-point areas that need pruning and plumping! oh, and 'trunks' have gone!

It seems that writing without a detailed outline has really worked with this one.
I have written the synopsis - very rough draft but this is so different to what i was previously doing. It hasn't mapped out the story point by point just followed the conflict and it is really going.

I'm so pleased i'm not fizzling out on this one - mayhap we have a winner??


  1. Ooooh, your hero sounds yummy.


  2. Kerrin, just to say that to get that widget, go to

    Good luck with your story!


  3. thanks Jackie!
    and Suzanne, yes he is very yummy. i haven't been able to publish a photo but he's based on Jensen Ackles.