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Friday, April 19, 2013

Celebrating our successes

There is a theme going at one of banks here in NZ - celebrating success.
We kiwi's are apparently really good at celebrating other people's success, but not so much our own.

So, i just wanted to share some of my successes.

This year (and it's only in it's 4th month!) i have:

1. Become a provisionally registered Early Childhood Teacher
2. Graduated from Waikato University with my Diploma of Teaching
3. Started my first real job in seven years ('cos there are many people out there who think being an at-home mum is not a real job!)
4. Edited 4 chapters of the first story i ever wrote and had kind of given up on.

I wonder if i can somehow make this theme into a story??!

So, please share with me.
What are some of your successes?

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