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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Romantic Friday Writers

I haven't done a post with RFW for at least a year!
The topic this week is I Should Have Kissed You. 600 words to describe the hesitation.
I've chosen to do a scene for my best friends story. It's a little hot!

Emma inhaled Matt's scent. Closing her eyes she let the spice and soap that was uniquely him fill her senses as his hands warmed her in his embrace. 
The heated path his hands created over her bare skin was more than enough to get her heart racing. The feel of his smooth muscled chest under her palms and against her cheek sent her mind reeling.

His splayed hands travelled ever so slowly from the dip in her spine upward causing the warmth to pebble her skin in anticipation. Letting her head fall back Emma smiled when he obeyed her instinctive movement and brushed his lips along the ridge of her jaw, his warm breathe creating yet more heat. 
“This is wrong,” he murmured before clamping his teeth on her earlobe, his hand fisting her hair and holding anchor at her nape.
Moaning at his obvious hesitation of claiming her mouth and the riot of desire coursing through her, Emma gripped Matt’s shoulders. “No it isn’t.”
Pulling her head free from his restraint caused a sharp pain at the roots of her hair but she ignored it as she looked him in the eye. 
“We both want this, have wanted this for a long time.” Reaching forward with her own lips seeking his, she was thwarted when he gently cupped her throat, rubbing his thumb at the sensitive spot right below the hinge of her jaw, their lips only a whisper apart.
“Matt, please.” His dark eyes widened and she read the battle in their depths. She knew he was scared. She was terrified. If he pulled away now things between them would never be the same again.
Taking the plunge she fisted his hair and yanked him forward. When she captured his lips with her own, she felt the resistance but threw herself, her love into her movements, moulding her body further into his embrace.
When he muttered a curse but didn’t break contact with her mouth, pulling her even closer she felt victory as their mouths each fought for the upper hand. The cold shock of the sheet on her back was her only indication they had moved to the next stage. 
The stage she had set. Wanted. Oh how she wanted. 
Bracing his weight on his elbows as his body covered hers, Matt lifted his lips from hers to stare searchingly into her eyes, only to replace them just as quickly.
As his hands grew increasingly searching as they travelled her heated skin, Emma let out a small laugh. “I should have kissed you ages ago.”
His response was muffled when she plunged her hands into his hair as his lips travelled over her belly button. Tugging on his hair she pulled him back to her mouth, reveling in the smile she felt against her lips. He did pull back then and she felt panic crash through her system. Please don’t stop, don’t regret this!
His eyes dilated as he focused through his desire. Even his hands stilled encircled as they were around her hips. Swallowing she watched as his eyes tracked the movement of her throat, his gaze slowly settling back on her mouth. 
“Yes. You should have.” 
Mating her tongue with his, Emma felt her panic disappear and be replaced with satisfaction. As long as he was being ruled by desire, he wouldn’t have time to regret this.

words 562.
full critique allowed.


  1. Dear Kerrin,
    What a beautifully sensuous text! And this is one of the few posts that allow the protagonist some satisfaction.
    Well done!
    Welcome back!
    Best wishes,
    RFW - I should have kissed you

  2. Hi Kerrin,

    That was hot ('and cold shower inducing') the nicest way, of course. I can see them both very clearly indeed.

  3. I liked the pace of this piece, very natural progression of steaminess :)

  4. Oh my, I'm breathless. Beautiful sexy, luscious, and yes someone got some satisfaction. Loved that!

    Don't need to comment on the writing -- it was flawless!

    One of my favorites!

  5. Hi,

    Pass the fan! Phew... I see your aiming for the steamy category romances! Well done... ;)


  6. Hi Kerrin
    Hot, smouldering, me thinks a dragon was in the room, heating the lovers. Hehe. The anticipation was well balanced with the action and the resolve of your protagonist. Well written and well done.

  7. Kerrin, this is hot, steamy and utterly sensuous. Great writing!

  8. Roll over Fifty Shades. Wow, Kerrin, this is hot! I'm glad you warned us of the steaminess, as no one should have read on if they were going to be offended by the lovemaking.

    It's great to have you back Kerrin. Hope this is not just a one off. I enjoy your work so much. Well fit to the prompt, too.


  9. Is it just, more is it hot in here :) Hang on while I put my ruffed self back to rights. On hot kiss really can lead to more . .

    Nice to see you back at least this once Kerrin. Thanks for participating.


  10. thanks for your comments everyone :)
    I find it quite funny that you are all fanning yourselves. I usually write MORE but pulled it back for this forum! Well, maybe i should just hurry up and write the darn novel so you can read the whole thing :D

  11. Yes! Kerrin! Please do!! I want more as well!! Lovely read! Lovely, sensuous, incredibly intense! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Ruled by desire, I'll say! As Francine said: Pass the fan!

  13. Steamy! You did say it was hot. LOL. Well done.

  14. WHOA! That just about says it all....