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Friday, December 2, 2011

RFW: Snowed in!

Another great theme from the Romantic Friday Writers group. Click here to check out other participants stories :)

It was cold. So not what it should be at Christmas.
What the bloody hell are we doing in this frozen land at this time of year. Stupid business trip making us leave the heat of the Southern Hemisphere summer.
"Gerry? Honey, here's a nice hot chocolate."
I couldn't help the scowl, but i did offer thanks as Mike handed the steaming mug to me with his usual smirk. Kills me every time.
He wrapped an arm around me as he snuggled under the soft blanket. "Don't sulk love." He simultaneously squeezed my thigh and kissed my cheek, a move that caused waves of heat to bloom inside me, warming me before i'd taken a sip.
"Just think of it as the perfect opportunity to warm each other up."
His devilish grin, slightly lopsided caused an answering tug to my own lips.
I love this man to distraction. And he knew how to push all the right buttons. Even the ones his snaking hand was already making a start on under the blanket.
Spluttering in shock as his frigid fingers touched the skin just below my bra i did my best to save us from being scalded by the contents of my mug. "You are incorrigible!"
His lips, warm and oh so soft trailed a path from my ear to my collarbone in excruciating slowness. "You love it."
I did. I loved the way he could get me out of a grump. How he bought me steaming hot liquids. How he put up with my moods. How he knew just how to touch me.
"Can you please wait a minute." I didn't even try to mask the giggle that escaped as his lips followed a path of their own design and his evening stubble tickled the tops of my breasts.
"Why wait when you're all warm and ready to melt just as the marshmellows did." The blanket was now tangled between our bodies, wedged under his thigh pressed solidly between mine. I was no longer cold and no longer needed the hot cocoa to warm me. Just him.
My man.
"You're sweeter than marshmellows." His mouth closed over my breast, soaking the thin satin and thrilling me. Taunting me, leaving me humming for more.
I moaned in protest when he lifted his head and looked at me, his blue eyes nearly eclipsed by the passion in his irises. "Sorry we ended up stuck here. In a week we'll be back home."
"It doesn't matter." I pulled him to my lips and feasted on all the goodness, the love that was on offer. It didn't matter. Not when he was here with me. 


  1. Ha, Kerrin, much more romantic in the cold, snuggling up, than sweating it out in the Southern Hemp where it's just too darned hot. Well, you've certainly hotted things up. Great voice! Great story! Certainly swags of romantic element.

    I'll link your story up!


  2. Hi,

    Nice one, Kerrin. See, we Northern Hemisphere bods got freezing conditions tagged as a great excuse for getting warm without hot choccy!

    Great little piece of spur-of-the moment romance. ;)


  3. I'm sweating just reading this :) Very sensual. I guess I wouldn't mind being snowed in with him :)


  4. Hello.
    You had me at the hot chocolate...everything else was a smoldering bonus! Sensual goodness indeed.

    lol...Donna's comment.

    Thanks for sharing.

    More Fulfilling With Love

  5. The reason I'll never be featured in a romance novel: those cold fingers would have put me off for quite some time ;-) Very romantic and snuggly piece.

  6. Hi Kerrin
    Definitely lots of romance and a lovely scene. The freezing cold has a tendency to cultivate ideas of the hot variety:)

  7. Dear Kerrin,

    Very romantic piece! Well done! Nice that you chose fictional characters who really like each other.

    A lot of warm drinks seemed to be consumed for this blog fest, at least by the protagonists of our texts. Even my fictional friends are drinking warm liquids!

    Please visit my interpretation of the picture prompt when you have the time.

    Best wishes,
    Anna's RFW challenge No 26 picture prompt

  8. Hi Kerrin, I'm back for judging. Just letting you know I've put up a Vote Poll on RFWer so you can have your say this week!


  9. I loved their chemistry, how he knew just what to do to swing her mood in a postive direction. Nice interplay between the characters.

  10. Hello.
    Just stopping by to congratulate you on being RFW Runner Up this week!