Here i will share my journey of hopefully one day recognising my dream of becoming published writing what i love to read; Romance!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Standing out from the crowd

Well the list is up on the NV site and sadly i didn't stand out from the crowd as one they wanted to see more of.
What do you think makes someone's writing stand out from the crowd, what does it for you?
But that is not going to stop me from submitting. I think persistance is the key and also, the next two chapters show some really good character development and plot so they may change their minds once they have it and the Synopsis.

Argh. The Synopsis.
Off to write that one, but i am dreading it as i have changed my writing style and have become a Pantser. I'd found once i'd plotted everything out i was then bored and didn't want to write the story anymore!
Maybe if i make the synopsis a little vague...i do know how it will end and i have written 65% of the story, so surely that will be enough without ruining it for me!


  1. I'm glad you're going to submit anyway Kerrin!

    M&B have said in the past for competitions etc that they don't expect you to stick to the synopsis by the letter. But they also recommend finishing the MS before submitting. Decisions, decisions... ;)

  2. hmm yes... i shall try to finish it then by the end of the month and then fire it away, what do you think? Think i can do it??

  3. Of course you can do it! Because of the wait times I've always wished you could send the partial in sooner but you can guarantee that if I do that there'll be a fast turn around and I'll get caught out lol. I just do as I'm told ;)

  4. Maybe it is a good thing the NV one fell through. When one door closes, another normally opens. Maybe the next door that opens will be just the one you were waiting for.

  5. Hi,

    Follow your dream!

    I've always wanted more than just an HEA from a romance novel, and the last year has shown me that M&B is not my cup of tea as a writer. The books are too short on wrd count, and overall the eds at M&B impart too much input (according to top lit agent viewpoint)and that the eds might just as well write the books themselves. Far too many of the M&B books sound as though written by one and the same person = few individual voices of note. But, apparently, that's accountable to mentoring and newbie authors adopting new style of writing that fits with M&B housestyle! (?) I found that comment somewhat intriguing.

    In effect, I'm not going to be subbing to M&B. ;)


  6. Tons of luck with your sub, Kerrin. Will be keeping everything crossed for you.


  7. Thanks for the heads up Francine
    Thanks Suzanne! Have to finish it first ;)
    Yep the doors are definitely opening, just have to decide which one to go through SH!