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Friday, June 12, 2009

Edit, edit, edit

Well after six months of mulling my novel over in my head i am back to editing it. Or should i say re-working it.
Based on what readers have commented and the advice from Rob Parnell - which is invaluable by the way! - i am re-writing my novel.

I thought i would hate this part, but it is actually really nice to re-visit my hero and heroine and tighten their story. Other characters are popping out for possible sequels as well as demanding to have more of a part to play in Gabrielle and Wayne's story.

I have decided to change the ending as well. After contemplating the impact of the original ending i have decided it would be more dramatic and fulfilling to make a change. Sorry can't divulge how i'm changing it, you will have to buy it once i have it finished!

Editing can be boring but if you think of it as a re-visit and polish you find yourself enjoying it, especially if you do it in small amounts, like a chapter a day.
Already i am finding i am enjoying the story more with the changes and hopefully it will be more successful when i submit to agents and/or publishers.

Kerrin Hearfield

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